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Tornado Safety Basics

by Jessica Santillan 06/11/2024

A tornado can be a catastrophic weather event, no matter the size and severity of the storm. If you live in a region where tornadoes are common, you can keep yourself safe by following specific guidelines. Here are the basics for staying safe during a tornado:

Take Time to Prepare

Preparing an emergency kit with essential items will help you stay safe during a tornado. Your emergency kit should include first aid supplies, drinking water and some non-perishable food for everyone in your household (including pets). Other important things to have during a tornado include a battery-operated radio, spare batteries and flashlights.

Monitor the Weather

Paying close attention to the weather conditions can help you stay safe in the event of a tornado. Pay attention to local TV and radio stations for updates on the situation and get the latest news. If you can access the internet, you may be able to monitor the situation that way too.

If you stay alert, and pay attention to changing weather, there are signs you can observe on your own. These signs include dark or green-colored sky, hail and large low-lying clouds.

Know Where to Shelter

The main cause of injury during a tornado is flying debris, which makes it imperative to have a safe place to take shelter. Some locations are significantly safer than others depending on your situation. If you have a basement or underground shelter, head there immediately.

If you don't have access to an underground space, take shelter in an interior room with no windows. The more walls there are between you and the wind, the safer you'll be from debris and broken glass. It can also help to take cover under something sturdy like a heavy table. Most importantly, keep your head protected with whatever you have available.

As long as you stay alert and plan accordingly, you'll be much safer during a tornado. Keep these basic tips in mind when discussing disaster preparedness with your household.

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